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Finding Wonder

There is a lot in this world that will try to pummel our hearts daily. Some of the things are meant to hit us in the feels so we do something about it and other times we are to hold them lightly. With so much being hurled at us from all mediums though, it can be overwhelming sometimes.

Finding Wonder is a simple reminder that although the cares in this world may be many, so too is the great beauty and to never stop being in awe of the life we are given. It’s a reminder to stop and search for wonder daily. Look for it in the little things. Find it in those you love. Give it to those who may of misplaced theirs.

I’ve been sitting on this project for a little while as I couldn’t quite articulate what it was I wanted. But after a recent conversation with B I was finally able to sum it up like this “I want to create a small space where you can step away from the barrage of news we receive daily. I want to share wonder. Somewhere a person can slow down and get lost for a moment in beauty, step out  feeling refreshed and look at the world differently.”

Let’s see how we go.

wonder.  : wonder. a feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar. “he observed the intricacy of the ironwork with the wonder of a child” verb: wonder Desire to know something; feel curious “I wonder how on earth they came up with that creation?”

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