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Finding Wonder 3 of 100 Toyville Tokyo DisneySea Japan


Running for Toyville

Outside of professional marathons, you’ve never seen grown adults stampede so politely like you have at the daily open of Tokyo DisneySea.

Wanting to make the most of our one day at Tokyo DisneySea we’d read up on TripAdvisor and had our game plan sorted. It was common knowledge you needed to be in line well before the ticketing booths opened if you wanted any hope of getting a ticket to half the rides before 4pm. We were close to the front gate and as we stood in line, all heads craned forward to peer at the guests who were staying in the Disney resorts as we watched them get VIP early entrance.

Although we couldn’t understand a word of Japanese around us, it was plain as day everyone had the same thought “c’mon…let us in already!?”

Finally the entrance booths opened and like a tsunami, the crowd surged forward to Toyville. Fast pass tickets to Toy Mania were the coveted item and EVERYONE was on a mission to get one.

All along the paths that led towards Toyville were the sweetest park attendents you’ve ever seen. Wearing white gloves, they stood stood smiling and holding hands to form a barrier to funnel people towards the final destination. It was only AFTER we’d arrived breathless at our destination that we realised the sweet attendants had been (politely) yelling in Japanese something to the effect of “Please walk! Don’t run! Please walk! Don’t run!”

Did anyone pay attention? Did I pay attention?

Let’s just say that in only a few minutes the line behind us was another 7 x longer than what you see in the photo (and I may or may not have left a few Mickey-eared attendants reeling in my wake…)

Even as we stood waiting and watching from where you see in the photo, we could see the minutes on the Fast Pass “Predicted Ride Time” Clock flying by in a blur. By the time we finally got our tickets it was still another 2 hours before we would even get on!

See the world through the eyes of your inner child. The eyes that sparkle in awe and amazement as they see love, magic and mystery in the most ordinary things – Henna Sohail

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