In a land long ago, I thought posting one of my photos with a quote that matched, every day for a year (aka Visual Inspiration 365 ) would be a piece of cake.

Turns out it wasn’t quite the slice of easy cake I thought it would be.

For a while I was lugging a full desktop hardrive home from work every night after my laptop broke. There was a long cold frustrated night in Amsterdam trying to upload the posts at dial-up speed well past midnight and more 2am’s than I can count, but 365 days later, a collection had been formed that I had loved creating and sharing with others who came along for the inspiration journey.

Fast forward time >> I married the man who became more than the friend he was at the start of the project, travelled the world, changed my surname, deliberated on what to do with my website (which used my maiden name) and then discovered it had been hacked and was subsequently removed offline.

And I was ok with that for a while and highly enjoyed my offline sabbatical.

The world is an incredible place and I’m a believer in enjoying the moment you are in – sometimes the moments without a phone, without a computer or without anything to document or tell the world where you are, are the very best moments you will ever have.

But there was just something I couldn’t shake and so here we find ourselves. I’m certainly grateful you stopped by and hope you have a hot cup of tea and a little time to stick around!

Sommer x


p.s The handwritten quote is from the lovely Lara Casey.